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TAGB - BTC Licence Renewal Information

9th November 2017

Yearly Licence & Membership Renewal.

Your licence renewal is in 2 stages


Stage 1 - Information

Click here to complete the licence information needed

To finalise this year’s renewal you must now provide payment.


Stage 2 - Payment

Cheque or Cash Payment:
Direct to your school Instructor.
Cheques made payable to: TAE KWON-DO
(students full name on the back of the cheque please)


Online Payment:
Details were included in your renewal letter, they will also be included again on the information pages, (link shown above).

Amount Payable (for each student)

£38.00 (if paid by the deadline)
£43.00 (If paid after the deadline)
Reference: Students Full Name

Any questions please ensure you contact your TAGB school instructor ASAP.