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Online Tae Kwon-Do Training

24th March 2020

We are now in a position to move forward with the online Tae Kwon-Do sessions. Our aim is to offer you the ability to continue your Tae Kwon-Do training using our online resources. This whole system is new, so as we progress with it, we may adjust some of the things we do. So please provide feedback (good or bad) so we know if things are right or what to review.

We have created a new online resources website which will be for all of those who do not have Facebook, for those that do have Facebook.

We’ll send you the passwords the other levels that you will need access to.
Some of you have already found our new Facebook group which is for members only. Search for Martyn Dipper Schools of Tae Kwon-Do Members Group or follow This Link. We’ll use this for communication as well as more content.

Go Live
Our full online programme will go live on Friday 27th March. For this to work, we’ll be using Zoom and Facebook Live. The majority of our coaching sessions will be via Zoom.
For more details of how Zoom works Click Here.
Please install it on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. We’ll send you a link to invite you to the right time slots.

We are going to host a live introductory session on Wednesday 25th March at 6.30pm to test out the system and allow you to get used to how things will work. This will be done through a live broadcast on Zoom. We will be sending you all an invite to the class via email. You can use this system on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

So What We You Have Access To?
Facebook Live:
This will be held in the Facebook Group and used more for the Q & A sessions, so you can either text, email or message questions you have and they’ll be answered. We may do additional videos for some questions if that’s more appropriate. We will put links to these on the resources website so you can watch them later too.

Online Training Videos:
To include patterns, line work and set sparring. We will be providing access to our members’ area on our website, where you will find a multitude of training resources set out in various formats for you to use.
We’ll also include some links to various fitness videos we think appropriate for you to help maintain your fitness.

1-2-1 Feedback:
This will allow you to upload your Tae Kwon-Do patterns or Tae Kwon-Do techniques and ask for personal feedback. This resource will give you the students and parents the opportunity to submit a short video for the instructors to watch and respond to. Your feedback will be sent to you directly via email. This is an unlimited facility. Therefore, you can send in as many videos as you like. Links to the upload page are on the resources website. The password for this page is: EliteFew

Live Sessions:
In the timetable provided you will see that there are live sessions provided throughout the week. Each session focuses on specific grades (see the timetable mentioned earlier). However, any grade can attend any session if they wish to revisit that syllabus.

Fun Activity Resources:
We’ll be making available on our website lots of fun activities to complete. Parents can share their children’s (and yours too, we know you’ll want to) completed activities via email, or in the members group.

We look forward to seeing you in our exciting new classes online

Master Dipper