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Small Group Outside Sessions

26th June 2020

Okay, we've just sent an email out, explaining that we’re ready to do some Small Group Outside Sessions.
These first few sessions will be for senior 10th Kups (not Tigers at the moment) and above.

I appreciate that these may not be convenient for everyone, but we need to start somewhere. I’ll adjust them depending on the response and uptake as we go through. These sessions will be in addition to the Zoom sessions.

Priority at the moment will go to those that are wanting to grade in July, but I will be trying to include as many students as I can into the sessions. Don’t panic, more dates will follow.

PLEASE NOTE: if it rains, we will still try and train, so bring a shower jacket or coat.
Please DO NOT WEAR YOUR DOBOK for outside training (except gradings), normal leisure clothing is fine. Trainers are strongly advised. Make sure you BRING A DRINK and wear appropriate SUN PROTECTION. We will follow SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines while we train, please ensure you follow them before and after training too.

PLACES ARE LIMITED; please check your availability and that you can get there BEFORE REQUESTING A SPACE. Once you have your session confirmed it will stop others requesting that space, therefore, not showing up or cancelling with short notice will not be appreciated and MAY affect your ability to secure future sessions.

Please DO NOT turn up to the sessions unless you have a message confirming a space.
Please turn up a maximum of 5 MINUTES BEFORE the session is due to start

If TRAVELLING BY CAR, please park considerately and appropriately.

Look after yourself and your family and Stay Safe