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Inside Tae Kwon-Do Lessons - Important - Please Read

7th September 2020

It is crucial that as we return to normal training in our venue,
ALL students and parents MUST follow the measures we will have in place listed below:

  1. All students MUST pre-register before attending inside lessons.
  2. All students MUST enter and exit the building through the doors, as instructed.
  3. Ensure that you arrive to the lesson NO MORE than 5 minutes early, but that you are ready to start the lesson on time. Please wait outside the TKD entrance until asked to enter by an Instructor.
  4. Changing facilities will NOT be available. Students must arrive wearing their doboks and current belt. Training shoes must be worn.
    No kitbags/sparring equipment are permitted in the main hall.
  5. To comply with Covid-19 procedure, as standard for all our lessons, a register will be taken at every lesson.
  6. We have the availability of emergency toilets. It would really help if you could use the toilet at home before coming to training as it will reduce the amount of cleaning needed.
  7. There is NO water fountain facility. Ensure you bring a full bottle of water with you.
  8. Parents will not be able to stay in the building during lesson time, so they will only be able to drop off children and pick them up.
  9. At this time, students will not be asked to wear face masks to attend the lesson. If a student chooses to wear one, it must stay on for the duration of the lesson and cannot be taken on and off.
  10. There will be coloured spot markers on the floor in the hall.
  11. It is important that all students remain vigilant before, during and after training and keep the 2-metre distancing between each other at all times. As the nature of Tae Kwon-Do places extra demand on the body, your respiration increases, therefore the distance between students becomes even more important. More bowing, less handshakes.
  12. No partner work will take place in the lessons until we are given guidance that changes this. Therefore, do not bring any equipment to the lesson until you are told otherwise by your School Instructor.
  13. This guidance could change over the coming weeks, so it is important that you keep up to speed with any updates / changes we need to make to this document. You will be notified of any changes.
  14. It is the Students / Parents responsibility to ensure that they read and understand all documentation sent regarding the Covid-19 procedures.
  15. If you are feeling unwell DO NOT attend any face-to-face / inside lessons.

Please observe all social distancing guidelines and be mindful of other people and users in the places we use to train in.

Some of you may have grown during the pandemic and find that your dobok is a little tight or no longer fits, we’ll sort out about purchasing NEW SUITS etc in the next few weeks, so please wear a T-shirt and jogging bottoms or shorts in the meantime (along with your belt).

I’m really excited about this phase of our training but understand that some of you may be nervous about your return into training inside. Please don’t worry, we’ll take things step by step, with plenty of distance (we need it anyway due to the kicks and punches!).

See you at training soon!

Master Dipper