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Licence due for Nov Dec 2014 & Jan 2015

1st December 2014

This is a guide only

It is your responsibility to check

all licences should be renewed in the month prior to due date

any late licences to the TAGB will carry a £5 admin charge per lapsed Month

Please allow time for postage,

they must be with the TAGB by the end of due month.



Cerys & William Chapman 

Madeleine Cody 

Danielle, Jeremiah, Jessica & Samuel Croft 

Michael Durbridge-Freeman 

Archie, Kevin & Mathew Hay 

Oliver Jackson 



Paul Kedney 

Alfred Langley 

Charlotte & Yasmin Noble

Joseph Davies  

Chloe Fielding 

Hollie Gillis  

Grace Lawday 

Finley Wafaa 

Ben Walker 

Ella Head 

Josh Stark 

Osca Colegate 

Ciaran Coulter

Sophie Godfrey 

Leah Ashcroft



December 2014 £35.00  

Clair Brown

Arun Bubbra

Vincent Keyworth 

Reuben Lord 

Debbie Parry 

Lisa & Sam Cannings 

neil Harradine 

Kieran Southwell 

Brandon Blake 

Charlotte Hatton 

Daniel Roly 

Ritz Steytller 

katie neame 


January 2015 £35.00

Marcus & Paige Brown 

Harrison & John Downey